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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Classroom Reveal Part 1

I've decided to do something a little different in my room this year. I put up the necessities and my students will do the rest over the next couple of weeks. So, this is where I started...

And this is where I am now...
View from the front door

View from the hallway door

View from the front corner

I used my school colors this year...teal and black with lime green because I love green! I have 25 students (so far), so I put the desks into groups of 8 in order to have more carpet space. I have 3 gathering areas on the floor for mini-lessons. I'm still trying to find a black and lime green rug for the other 2 spaces, but this will be used mainly for reading and writing workshop; the easel is the perfect size for anchor charts.
Carpet area #1
I don't have a table for small groups, so I improvised with my 3 extra desks...
I'll have to get a new president picture for my social studies wall this year! Below, I have my Eureka math board, which won't stay empty for long, and my goal board. We will start on goals a few weeks into the year, so for open house this was my "Meet the Teacher" board.
We are on the second year of being a Leader in Me school, working towards being a Lighthouse School. This is another wall that will evolve as the year moves along. The tree branch is for our Leadership Roles (jobs) which my kiddos will choose during the first week.
I ran out of wall space, so my word wall is a word door with a magnetic dry-erase board. Again, this will fill up throughout the year with student-picked vocabulary words.
I'm trying a new behavior chart this year. Instead of keeping it on the wall (which I have very limited space), each student is in charge of monitoring their own behavior...with my help, of course! Thank goodness for tiny clothespins :)

Finally, a little motivation for my windowsill...hoping to get curtains up soon!

More pics to come as my students finish making this classroom their own...have a wonderful school year!

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  1. Your room looks great! I like the framed stamina print. That's a great idea, and I think I might copy you. I like that you have more than one rug area, too. Perhaps some rug shopping is in my future!
    Laughter and Consistency