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Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Product Spotlight

I have some wonderful products to promote for September!

#1 from Natalie at It's Elementary
Back to School Survival Kit
These back to school survival kits are a terrific way to ease first-day jitters! Just put together in a baggy or paper cup with all the items listed in the poem. There is a copy for kindergarten through 3rd grade in this kit.

#2 from Learning Lane
Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 Poster Set and Timer *BUNDLE*
This is for Math Daily 3 and the Daily 5. There are posters for each station and a rotation timer with a spot for you to write your student names in each section. 

In this packet are...

Math Daily 3 Rotation Timer and Grouping Display (Part of a Bundle)
Daily 5 Rotation Timer and Grouping Display (Part of a Bundle)
Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 Poster Set (Part of Bundle)

#3 from Sarah Griffin
CVC Middle Sounds Task Cards SCOOT
CVC Middle Sounds Task Cards, or SCOOT, builds fluency, segmenting, letter-sound correspondence, and writing letters. 24 Task Cards, a recording sheet, and answer key included. 

Students say and write the middle sound of the picture shown on the task card. 

Great for PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade back to school review. Use in centers, guided reading groups, as morning work, an activity for early finishers, in a home-school activity bags, for tutor activities, and/or assessments. 

24 CVC Middle Sounds Task Cards. (Full color) 4 on a page. 
1 Title Card for labeling when storing
1 Student Recording Sheet - numbered to correspond with the numbers on the task cards. 
1 Teacher Answer Sheet 

# 4 from Teaching 24-7

Standards for Mathematical Practice for Interactive Notebooks

Standards for Mathematical Practice flaps for interactive notebooks.

Compatible with enVisionmath2.0 (follows their videos) but can be used with ANY math program/series.

2 versions allow for versatility and differentiation.

#5 from Theresa's Teaching Tidbits
A Kind and Caring Classroom: Poems of the Week That Promot
Poems of the week can be a powerful shared reading tool to teach a variety of concepts. These original poems focus on building classroom community, demonstrating good character, and solving common behavior problems. The poems invite discussion and promote a positive classroom environment. As part of a Poem of the Week program, the poems can also be used as the basis for lessons in comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary. 

The following poems and resources are included (topics are noted in parentheses).
Suggestions for implementing a Poem of the Week in your classroom.
A Kind and Caring Classroom (building community; suggestions for use included)
General Directions for Using the Poems
Friends (friendship)
How Would You Feel (teasing/bullying)
I Can Use My Words (using words to solve problems)
Tattle or Tell? (tattling)
Courage Is... (showing courage)
Sticks and Stones (name-calling)
The Garden of Trust (honesty)
Respect (ways to show respect)
What Really Counts (respecting differences)
A Good Citizen (citizenship; includes suggestions for use and WOW! Thanks for being a good citizen! cards)
Oh, No! (responsibility)
My Friend is Doing Wrong (peer pressure)
The New Kid (welcoming a new classmate, empathy)

Thank you for checking out these great products! If you would like to enter a product spotlight for October or November, please comment below with a link to your store.