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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Show and Tell

I love this linky! I'm once again joining Forever in 5th Grade and lots of other great blogs for an online show and tell. Click back on the button above to see all the other blogs in the linky. I only have 3 this month, so here goes...

Science Fair projects are finished! My 5th graders have spent the last month learning about and conducting their own science fair experiments. They are presented at the school fair this week, then the county fair in March. This picture is my daughter and 2 classmates testing the evaporation rates of three different liquids by weighing sponges over time that were soaked in the liquids.

My son auditioned and made the regional honor band. He's the percussionist in the center-back...looks like he's glowing with the stage lights shining so bright. They sounded amazing!

I don't usually do whole-class novels. I'm more of a book club/literature circle kind of teacher, but since a movie version of The Great Gilly Hopkins is coming out later this month, we wanted all our 5th graders to read the book. After a mini-lesson on plot conflicts (character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. society, and character vs. nature) we applied it to chapter 3 of the book with this anchor chart...hanging from the top of my unused TV. My kids then filled out a similar chart with a partner for the next chapter. They are really loving this book!