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Friday, November 28, 2014

3-2-1 Sale Linky

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm participating in the Super Cyber Monday sale at TPT. As there are so many high quality educational products there, I decided to join with The Apple Basket Teacher on her sale linky.

I love using task cards as whole class rotations. I have my 5th graders work with a partner to solve the problem, check with each other, and move on. It's great to hear the math conversations going on! Here is one I bought from Teaching with a Mountain View: Two Digit Divisor Division Task Cards { With & Without Rem

Interactive journals are a great hands-on resource that can be kept and used throughout the year. I use them as note-taking guides for each subject and allow my kiddos to refer to them during tests and projects. It's hard to find high-quality interactive notebooks, but here is one I absolutely love from CreateTeachShare: 5th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - OA & NBT

The last product I'd like to share is a Seller's Toolkit from Lovin' Lit. I've been using it to make most of my products lately.HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundle - Digital Papers, Borders, Fr

2 items on my wish list are: Common Core ELA Assessments by Kristine Nannini, and "Wonder" CCSS Packet by Stephanie Nye

5th Grade Common Core ELA Assessments and Teaching Notes *    "Wonder" Common Core Unit Student Packet

Finally, I'd like to promote 1 item from my store for the upcoming sale. This is a $4.00 thematic unit for 1st grade. They explore Christmas using their 5 senses. It correlates with CCSS reading and writing standards for K-2.
 Christmas and Your 5 Senses--Common Core Reading/Writing U

Now that you've seen my products, go back to The Apple Basket Teacher to look at more great TPT products. Happy Cyber Monday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

The warm home, delectable smells, excited children running all over the house, time with friends and family...I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! I'm joining in the Super Cyber Sale on TPT. Everything in my store is 20% off! Eat, take a nap, eat some more, then enjoy the shopping madhouse this weekend :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

You Oughta Know About....Problem of the Month

I'm once again joining Jasmine McClain for the November "You Oughta Know" blog hop. This is my absolute favorite blog hop...I always get so many great ideas!
This month I'd like to talk about the Problem of the Month  from Inside Mathematics.
Check out this video (about 4 minutes long) for a classroom example:
These are CCSS based, multi-level word problems. Even if your state has not adopted Common Core, these are great higher-level problems to really get your students thinking and talking about math. 

Each problem starts at level A, which is primary, but doesn't necessarily mean 1st grade. Depending on the problem, level A can be anywhere k-3. Level E is the most difficult, and is usually designed for high school.

Here is an example I've used in 3rd grade and 5th grade. The problem is called "Diminishing Return". Level A is appropriate for 3rd graders relating multiplication to division:

Level A:   
Some classes are going out for a picnic lunch.  The teachers bought drinks in packs for their classes.   
Thirty-three students are in Mrs. Browne’s class.  Mrs. Browne bought six- packs for her class. She needs helpers, so she picks students to carry one six-pack each.  
Twenty-two students are in Mrs. Robinson’s class.  Mrs. Robinson bought four-packs for her class. She needs helpers, so she picks students to carry one four-pack each. 
Which teacher had to pick more helpers?   
Show how you found your answer. 

It comes with visuals for the students, a list of standards, and a lesson plan for you. (Level A is usually scripted, so they're great activities for a substitute).

This year I tried level B with my 5th graders. It involves adding and subtracting decimals. There is a picture menu included with the toys and prices.

Level B:
Mia has earned $43.94 of tokens playing games at the amusement center.  The store in the amusement center has the following toys for sale. She plans to get toys and donate them to a local charity for needy children.  The tokens are only good in this store, so she plans to spend all the tokens.  What combinations of toys can she buy in order to spend all the tokens?   
Show how you found your solution.

My kiddos worked in groups and had to make posters to share how they came to their solution. It was a great practice in teamwork as well as problem-solving. They looked so great, I even used them for my November bulletin board!

Now that you've learned about the problem of the month, check out these other great blogs for more ideas you just oughta know about!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Linky

I'm joining Promoting Success for their Thanksgiving Linky party. Click on the picture to see all the great Thanksgiving products. I've included a thematic unit and fact/myth discussion freebie (#31 and 32)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fabulous Freebies Friday Linky!

I'm linking up with Catia Dias for her Fabulous Freebies Friday Linky! My freebie is a Thanksgiving Fact and Folklore packet which is a great companion for my 1st Thanksgiving Unit. Check it out, then click on the linky logo to go back to Always a Teacher and Forever a Mom.

Thanksgiving Fact and Folklore    First Thanksgiving Unit

Fabulous Freebies Friday