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Saturday, January 17, 2015

You Oughta Know About...Science Buddies

I'm linking up with Jasmine McClain once again for the monthly "You Oughta Know" blog hop.
 Our school science fair is coming up in just a few short weeks (Eek!) and since this is the first year I am officially a science teacher, I am so excited! My science students...not so much. So to make this rather daunting assignment a little more fun, we went exploring! For anyone preparing for the science fair, I highly recommend starting at

Go to the topic selection wizard and enter your assignment details (time allotted, grade level, and topic).

Take an interest survey. This was my 5th graders' favorite part! You answer questions about what part of the world you're curious about...everything from planting a garden to satellites. Let's just say our computer lab was a very chatty place this week!

After that, the program gives you an individualized list of project ideas. There are hundreds of projects from early childhood up through high school. Each one is leveled in 2 different ways so you're sure to find one that is accessible for any student. Many of the projects come with pages of background information and links for further research.

Once you're finished with your project you can go back online and share your experience.

I was thrilled to find this online gem...hope you enjoy it as well!


  1. i will definitely have to bookmark this website for later! Thanks for sharing

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  2. Thank you for sharing this resource and thanks for joining the hop this month :-)

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain