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Monday, May 30, 2016

Product Spotlight

On the first of each month, I'm going to spotlight a single product from my store plus a few from my fellow teacher-authors. For June, I'm featuring how I always end my reading classes for the year...a novel study.
Novel Study This is everything you need to study any fiction novel in any genre. You have journal prompts, comprehension practice pages, vocabulary activities, reflection, and a book review. My students l-o-v-e the independent work time. It gives me the opportunity to see what last-minute mini-lessons they might need before we break for summer. And best of all...I get time to talk with them one-on-one about their reflections of their year of reading!

If you would like a product featured next month, please comment below, message me on facebook at:, or click on the link to go to my TPT page.

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