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Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favorite Things

Wow! I have not posted in quite a while. I guess November just got away from me. So I thought I'd join up with Southern Fried Teachin' for a fun holiday linky. Here goes...
my favorite things
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1. Carol of the Bells
2. Baklava
3. My kids and I have a book of inspirational and spiritual messages every day for the month of December along with scriptures and carols. We read it together each evening before bed.
4. Twas' the Night Before Christmas
5. Choosing names off one of the many giving trees around town.
6. Playing with all  my cousins at one set of Grandparents'  house on Christmas Eve, then playing with the other cousins at my other grandparents' house on Christmas Day. It's a good thing they only lived 15 miles apart! Pretty much any time to get together and cause trouble with my cousins was a good time!
7. On my 16th birthday, my grandma bought me a year's worth of piano lessons from a professional teacher.
8. Every year, my kids and I make a gingerbread village. None of us are very creative, so it usually ends up looking like a ghost town.
9. Charlie Brown's Christmas
10. Amazon...nothing beats shopping in your pj's with a cup of hot cocoa :)
11. books, books, and books!
12. My favorite subject to teach is reading, and my current favorite product is a Greek and Latin root packet with activities for the entire year. It is currently marked down to $7.50 for the duration of this linky (today through December 19).

Greek and Latin Roots Super Pack

Make sure you go back to the original page and check out more great blog posts. Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Glad that you linked up! Love, love, love Baklava. Your grandma's gift of a year's worth of piano lessons is like the best gift ever! How awesome!
    Southern Fried Teachin’