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Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015

I feel so behind right now! We had a wonderful "unplugged" (almost) vacation in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, and I refused to bring my laptop with me. I didn't work on any "teacher stuff", but we did have a great time, and I took some fabulous pictures.
Fishing in Montana

T-Rex attack at the Museum of the Rockies 

Grizzly Bears, Jake and Jenny

Riding Fabio

Raiding the Raspberry Patch

Rock climbing...
...and climbing rocks in Wyoming
Devil's Tower

Chillin' at the lake

I can't believe summer's almost over! Now it's time to get back into "teacher mode". I've been shopping and writing up plans. I'm almost ready to begin setting up my new classroom for the year. I'm so excited to be teaching 5th grade again this year, and can't wait to get started! Classroom makeover pictures coming soon...

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  1. You have a nice vacation! Thank's for sharing such interesting review! Wish you lot's inspiration, and enjoyable travelling! :)