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Monday, August 10, 2015

Building Back to School Blog Hop

I'm joining up with teachermom for her August linky.Displaying BBTS_Weekly IG Button_Classroom Tools.jpg

There is a new topic each Monday for the rest of the month. This week is all about "Classroom Tools". As we're getting our rooms prepared, we always find more and more "stuff" to fill up the walls. I personally believe that if my students aren't using it, it's just taking up space. So this year I want to use my beautiful posters as teaching tools before I put them on the wall. On a good note...getting my classroom set up will be so much easier! Here are some examples of  resources I used last year. Since I put them up before school began, they didn't get used nearly as much as they would have if I introduced them as a teaching tool first.
I was so proud of my math vocabulary sets for k-5 (5th grade shown here in blue) and mathematical practice posters. They're still a great classroom resource, but this year I'll use them to teach the specific skill before putting them on the wall. That way my kiddos can constantly access them for support.

I love, love, love these reading genre posters. This resource did get used quite a bit, but their placement made it difficult to refer to. This year they're moving to a better position on my reading wall.

Thanks for reading about my classroom resources. Now check out some other great resources by clicking on the blog hop picture above or using the links below. Happy Back to School!


  1. I agree using the as teaching tools is important.

  2. I'm with you. I only put up the essentials before school starts. Then, as I introduce and teach things, our walls and word wall slowly gets filled.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah :)

  3. Focusing on one strategy or element at a time, and making the display a growing collection will draw your students' attention to the wall more frequently than a static bulletin board that never changes. Good luck this year!

    Sugar Cube Learning

  4. Natalie! I saw you in the forums for my blogging besties post and I thought hmmm!?! I teach 5th grade.. and I've been blogging/tpt for as long as you have.. and oh you are in the western states.... then I was stopped in my tracks because I live very close to you!!!! Like within one hour!!! I noticed you didn't leave an email addy, so please please please email me!!!

    The Whimsical Teacher