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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Finished...Just in Time for Open House!

Finally finished my new 5th grade room. Well, not exactly new; it's the same classroom, just a new grade level. And just in time for our Open House tonight. It was wonderful to meet all my new kiddos and their parents (I think some of the parents were more nervous than the kids). Now I can't wait for Monday! Here are the pictures; you can tell I like green. :)

My birthday banner (a few different options on my TPT store) and behavior chart.

Writing process with the glare from my window and job chart. 7 Habits posters will be added as we get the program up and running.

My door...I love this saying. It was a Pinterest find of course! And the view from my door.

The view from the front.

 My library...super easy book bin labels: black construction paper, silver Sharpie marker, and zebra print duct tape!My reading wall (I love the pom-poms from Michaels)

My book corner with the schedule and objectives.

Math wall...the giant, unused TV should be moved by next week.

It's hard to see, but my reading genre posters from my TPT store are above the Smartboard. I have them in 2 different color schemes. This is the turquoise and lime.
And finally, the view from my desk.  Happy new school year to all!


  1. I LOVE your classroom! you did such a great job. I wish more teachers would add all those little details you have added: I especially love the door, "when you enter this classroom..." I wish you the best this school year Natalie!

  2. Thanks, Ms. Hunter...I'm so excited to be teaching 5th grade this year!

  3. Your room looks great! I love the colors you used. Have a great year!

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  4. SUPER cute room! I have Boho Birds too!!! Love it! I bet your kiddos LOVE IT!