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Monday, August 26, 2013

1st day of school!

It was a Murphy's Law kind of start with, I woke up at 2:30 this morning...and just stayed up, went running about 5:30, thinking it might give me a little energy to get through the rest of the day. I was wrong! Got my senior off to school okay, my 7th-grader missed the bus (or, the bus missed him)! They changed the bus routes without letting us know! So I drove him to the middle school while my husband attempted our daughter's hair (yikes)! Got back just in time to put on a little mascara and go, hair still wet, bags half-packed. (needless to say, I cried most of the mascara back off before the end of the day). Unsure of the procedures at my new school, half my firsties came right to my classroom, the other half wandered around the playground, making us about 5 minutes late to P.E. Thankfully, the P.E. teacher was about 5 minutes late also! A surprise assembly forced me to cancel my back-to-school read-aloud, and I only got halfway through my school required class meeting lesson. It took us 4 trips back and forth down the hallway to learn how to walk down a hallway without pulling papers off bulletin boards, tackling each other, or someone getting lost. My oh-so-cute owl bulletin board project that was supposed to take 30 minutes took and hour and a half, and my first sight-word lesson was completely cut, pushing the rest of them back a day. By the time all the kiddos found their bus or their parents, it was time to go, so no chance of regrouping and getting ready for the 2nd day of school. Oh's to another exciting, exasperating, exhausting, and completely fulfilling school year!
3rd grader

12th grader

7th grader


  1. Some days are like that...the one mother who wanted to make sure we got her student on the right bus (she was super worried), came late, student was told to go to the wrong class, the message never got to me that she needed to ride the she waited for mom in the office. Mom has been calling the school every day since to make sure we know her daughter is riding the bus.

    Terri Izatt

  2. That sounds like every day in ECSE! I'd rather have a project take too long and have to finish it the next day or rearrange a little than have the little darlin's finish a 30 minute project in 5 minutes and not following directions, mess it up so badly you either just leave it or start over- then what do you fill in with for the next 25 minutes?!?